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El exceso de sal es el motivo por el que nos podemos beber agua salada, ya que nuestros riñones no pueden procesar tanta sal.

Why can’t we drink salt water?

Water is essential for our survival, yet more than 96% of the planet’s liquid water is ocean water, and it contains so much salt that it is not safe for humans to drink. Salty seawater does not quench thirst, and drinking too much of it can even lead to death from dehydration. But if saltwater is still water, why can’t… Read More »Why can’t we drink salt water?

Las criaturas y monstruos más fascinantes de la mitología griega.

Creatures and Monsters of Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is famous for its numerous mythical creatures, which appear extensively at crucial moments in Greek myths and epic poems. The creatures are supernatural beings with different powers and abilities and come in various forms. These strange and sometimes terrifying creatures were used in Greek mythology by the Greek gods. They could be sent for various reasons: to hurt… Read More »Creatures and Monsters of Greek Mythology

Los héroes más importantes de la mitología griega.

10 Heroes of Greek Mythology you should know about

You may recognize names like Hercules, Achilles and Odysseus, but do you know how they came to fame? They are all heroes of Greek mythology and their stories have been told for centuries. Greek mythology focuses on deities, creatures and heroes as didactic tools to tell a story. What began as ancient cultural lessons has grown into civilizations around the… Read More »10 Heroes of Greek Mythology you should know about